ABOUT - Objectives

EMPHASIS's overall goal is to provide integrated response measures (practical solutions) to Predict, Prevent and Protect European agricultural and forestry sectors and natural ecosystems from native and alien pest threats.

The effectiveness of these solutions will be assessed, validated and Promoted through co-innovative research and demonstration (large-scale field trials, workshops for inspection services for the uptake of diagnostic tools etc.) in line with end users' needs and capacities.

Specific objectives include:

Predict, Prioritise and Plan.
To evaluate pest management challenges and opportunities according to stakeholders' criteria and through pathway analysis.

To provide practical solutions for surveillance in different pathways and monitoring tools to enhance early preparedness.

To develop improved practical solutions and novel integrated response measures for effective control and containment of native and alien pests threats (insect pests, pathogens, weeds) in field crops, protected crops, forestry, orchards and amenity plants, and to assess and demonstrate their technical and economic feasibility while ensuring their market uptake.

To actively disseminate the practical solutions developed by the project, while ensuring that confidential results are not disclosed and to engage with the community at large to maximize project impact and raise visibility of the global importance of plant health and resilience for sustainable agriculture, food security and environmental protection.

To review and assess the work carried out, as well as the outcomes of project activities - against a set of pre-determined indicators so as to steer final project outputs.

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Latest NEWS



Final Workshop - EMPHASIS on the International Year of Plant Health

The event was organized by the project coordinator Agroinnova, the Center of Competence for the Innovation in the agro-environmental field of University of Torino, directed by Maria Lodovica Gullino.




EMPHASIS survey of potential end-users extended

This short survey aims to learn more about how the practical solutions for pest surveillance, control and eradication developed under the EMPHASIS project address the needs of potential end-users.


EMPHASIS survey of end-users: deadline extended till 19 February 2019




This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 634179.